About Me
A lifelong technologist and lover of Computer Science, at last working hard on breaking into development. My current focus is on improving my web literacy via the MERN stack, and fostering my design and coding fluency to fill my gaps for practical software development and providing real value.
Relevant Projects
Hopfield Network at USF Biorobotics Lab
Learned some fundamental principles of neural networks by developing a membrane potential function for simulating neurons in a custom language (Neural Simulation Language) to model biologically inspired behavior. Modelled a Hopfield Network for a basic Optical Character Recognition task (memorizing and recalling letters). Worked as part of a team with a graduate mentor for program credit to help guide me as a beginner in the field.
Statistical Tracking and Planning
Created monthly reports and visualizations as a part of my help desk employment, tracking the history of laptop replacements for a Fortune 500 company, also used in forecasting to maintain a support contract.
Expense Report Development
Participated on a client driven project which developed and deployed an additional module to facilitate the expense reports and approvals of 1,100 salespeople and their managers.
B.S. in Computer Science, University of South Florida

summa cum laude (GPA 3.91) School is something I took quite seriously. I loved the academics and feel spoiled and grateful for the opportunity. CS is a lovely field and Automata / Theory of Computation was my favorite elective.